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Guangzhou Keye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd 广州市科叶环保科技有限公司

广州市科叶环保科技有限公司是佛山市南海九洲普惠风机有限公司的下属企业。 佛山市南海九洲普惠风机有限公司创建于1996年,总部位于广东佛山南海区,占地面积11.5万m²,标准厂房面积10万m²,是一家高新技术企业,现已成为国内产品系列较齐全的大型通用风机生产基地;公司长期与多所高校战略合作,拥有省级工程技术研究开发中心、风机气动性能检测中心、电动机性能检测中心;拥有多项发明或实用新型专利,先后获得“中国风机质量”、“中国质量500强”、“中国国际流体机械金奖”、“中国驰名商标”等多项荣誉。

广州市科叶环保科技有限公司于2006年在广州番禺区成立,公司是专业研发生产蒸发式冷风机(环保空调)的企业。主要产品有工业用的各类型降温风机:有移动式、安装固定式、离心式,风量从3000m³/h至80000m³/h,基本上包括了所有工业厂房用的水冷降温风机;家庭、商务型的蒸发式冷风扇各类型号的产品也在不断研发,产品涉及到风量从350m³/h 至8000m³/h。




佛山生产基地 Foshan Production Base

Guangzhou KEYE EnvironmentalTechnology Co., Ltd is one of theaffiliated enterprises of Foshan City Nanhai Popula Fan Co., Ltd. Popula Fan Co., Ltd.was founded in1996.Headquarter based in Nanhaidistrict Foshan city Guangdong province which covers an area of115,000 m² include 100,000 m² of standard workshops.As a high-techenterprise, Popula Fan Co.,Ltd has now become large-scale general-purpose fan production base with most complete production line inChina.Popula Fan Co., Ltd.has long- term strategic cooperation witha number of universities with provincial engineering and technologyresearch and development center, motor aerodynamic performancetesting center, motor

performance testing center. With a number ofinventions or utility model patents,Popula FanCo.,Ltd has won manyhonors such as“China’s Top Ten Quality Blower Brands”、"ChinaQuality Top 500”、"“China lnternational Fluid Machinery Gold Award”and“China Famous Brand”.

Guangzhou KEYE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd was establishedin Panyu District,Guangzhou City in 2006.Guangzhou KEYE Environ-mental Technology Co.,Ltd is an professional company that research,develop and produce evaporative aircooler ( environmentally-friendly air conditioner ) . our main products are various types ofcoolers forindustrial use: mobile, install, centrifugal with air flowfrom 3000m³/h to 80000m³/h, basically include cooling fans for allindustrial plants; home, business models of evaporative coolers whichair flow cover from 350m³/h to 8000m³/h are also under continuousdevelopment.

Guangzhou KEYE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is complex partnerof“China lmport and ExportCommodities Fair”.KEYE’s products arealso used as designated cooling equipment byCanton Fair.Gree AirConditioning, Chigo Air Conditioning and other famous companiesare using KEYE products.KEYE annual sales volume more than 80,000units.

“Cutting-edge Technology, Green KEYE”is ourendless pursuit.Wehave applied MGS # CAT automatic testing system in production andfully utilize CAD and CAXA auxiliary system to research and developnew products.The product designed by us have obtained manypatents and qualify certificates.Our products are not only sold indomestic market but also export to more than 30 countries in WesternEurope, South American,Middle East,Africa, East Asia and South-eastAsia.

lt is our consistent aim to adhere to "Supreme Quality # Professionalservice”. We warmly welcome all distinguished guests to visit ourcompany for guidance and business.KEYE is willing to cooperatewith friends from all over the world to make technological innovationof our products and extend the applicable scopes of air coolers so asto continous improve our working and living environment.

广州科叶总部Guangzhou KEYE Headquarter
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