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           Guangzhou KEYE EnvironmentalTechnology Co., Ltd is one of theaffiliated enterprises of Foshan City NanhaiPopula Fan Co., Ltd.

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  • 工业省电空调移动型蒸发式冷风机

    Movable evaporative air cooler

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  • 蒸发冷省电空调蒸发式冷风机

    Evaporative Air Cooler

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  • 环保空调冷风机不锈钢蒸发式冷风机

    Stainless steel evaporative air cooler

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  • 厂房降温商业、家庭型蒸发式冷风机

    Business / Home evaporative air cooler

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  • 厂房降温空调大型移动式蒸发式冷风机

    Large scale movable evaporative air cooler

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  • 环保空调厂家窗口型蒸发式冷风机

    Window type of evaporative air cooler

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  • 专研环境温湿度 ,掌控每一度
    KEYE is willing to cooperatewith friends from all over the world to make technological innovationof our products and extend the applicable scopes of air coolers so asto continous improve our working and living environment.
    为什么选择科叶产品?Why choose KEYE product?

    一、高质量与亲民价格的结合。 二、提供专业的定制服务,满足客户想象和期待。三、匠心独具的研发设计和技术创新,诠释性能的不同。四、专业考究的选材用料与制造工艺,环保、高效、可靠、耐久、轻便等优越性一应俱全。

    1.The perfect combination of high quality and affordable prices.2.Provide the most professional customized services to meet all theimagination and ultimate expectations of customers. 3.Ingenious R&D design and technological innovation, interpreting theextreme difference in excellent performance. 4.Professional and sophisticated selection of materials and manufacturingprocesses, environmental protection, high efficiency, reliability, durability,lightness and other advantages are all available.

    合作案例或者客户 · 感谢选择科叶
    Collaboration case: Brand or customer.thanks for choosing Keye
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